Faraz Green Greenhouses

Features of an Effective Greenhouse
• Cost effective: Investments eventuate expected output;
• Strength: Stable and firm in extreme weather conditions;
• Stable environment: Minimizes the stress factors;
• Suitable: Appropriate ventilation;
• Compliant: Control light, temperature, humidity and Co2.

Faraz Greenhouse Benefits

Optimized Energy Consumption:
• Our aperture free design prevents the heat from escaping and creates a highly isolated microclimate when the vents are closed.
• Height of greenhouse: The high ceilings of the greenhouse keep a large volume of air inside to have a stable microclimate while reducing the fuel consumption.
• Greenhouse insulation: A pressurized double layered cover at all areas is minimalizing the heat exchange at the greenhouse walls to create a stress free and stable environment and reduce fuel consumption.

Haamoon Invented Vents:
• Double layered
• With optional width of 210 to 300 cm
• Each valve opens and closes vertically by a motor and a gearbox automatically as needed
• Each valve is also equipped with a manual control panel
• When the wind increases to more than the limited speed, greenhouse valve will be closed automatically
• Bows mounted At the highest point of arches, to Maximum ventilation
• With high resistance to strong winds and preventing the direct inflow to the greenhouse
• Prevent the rain inflow into the greenhouse


Haamoon Invented Underground Cooling System:

• Haamoon invented underground climate control system (Patented)
• Enabling perfect natural ventilation to control the microclimate in hot seasons
• Equipped with additional fans and water injection system that lowers the air temperature and uses significantly less electricity compared to other cooling systems
• Harvesting the earth energy to heat the greenhouse in cold seasons
• Help pollination
• Can be used for Co2 distribution


Ventilation (Patented):

Appropriate ventilation with minimum temperature fluctuations by using Haamoon invented underground tunnels and vents to create a stable microclimate. The ventilation program uses an intelligent system to control the airflow to the underground tunnels and out of the vents and is able to adapt to various climate conditions. This patented technology would maximize the production while conserving energy and water.

Perfect Strength

Faraz Greenhouse strength in extreme weather conditions:
• Withstands the weight of snow up to 150 kg and dead-live load of up to 50 kg per square meter
• Withstand wind speeds of up to 120 km per hour
By using:
• Additional chords (14 chords for each arc) and a column every 3 m
• A 40 x 80 profile under the channels
• Supporters (braces)

Our Fuel Saving Methods

• Air tightening the greenhouse
• Height increase , therefore increasing the volume of the air in the greenhouse
• Double layered cover

Column Foundations

Foundation pits:
With diameter and depth appropriate for the texture and scientific features of soil, every 3 m