Faraz Green Watering Booms

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Reduction in the costs and increase in efficiency of water consumption, manpower, and electricity with using monotonic watering in customizable distance and time intervals with single and triple phase electric power.

Characteristics of Faraz Green Watering Booms

  • Enable you to Schedule for watering daily or monthly automatically
  • Possibility of watering 11 times per day
  • Possibility of setting the times of watering in each interval
  • Possibility of adjusting the sweep distance from each point
  • Possibility of ordain by hand and automatically
  • Possibility of setting the watering speed from 1 to 5000
  • Possibility of using single phase and three phase electricity
  • Having ambulatory system with impalpable movement of watering hose on the railing
  • Possibility of watering a specific area in needed intervals
  • Enables you to water the brim of trail place
  • Enables you to spray poison and fertilizer
  • Enables you in watering monotonically
  • Increase in water consumption efficiency
  • Suitable for production of transplant flower and ornamental plant and ….